The Company

The company Petschenig GmbH exists since 1994 and was established by Manfred Petschenig. Our company is based in the city of St. Andrä in the Lavant valley. Horst Petschenig, who runs a mechanical engineering company in the city of St. Lorenzen in the Mürz valley which he established in 1998, is the company’s general manager since May 2010.

The company Petschenig is a trading limited liability company which specialises in:

stackers (diesel, gasoline and electric stackers)
pallet trucks (manual and electric pallet trucks) 
pare parts for stackers and pallet trucks
machine tools (lathes, milling machines, tool grinding machines etc.)
tools (HSS drills etc.)   


Additionally, we hire selected specialised contract manufacturers for the production of various components according to the drawing or conforming to standards in the area of:

general and specialised mechanical engineering
tool making
automotive engineering
aircraft manufacturing


Petschenig GmbH
Jakling 164, 9433 St. Andrae, Austria
+43 (0) 4358 / 2935
Fax: +43 (0) 4358 / 2935 - 4 

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